Sep 20

Herbal Medicine, First Aid to Save Your Life!

Sam Coffman herbal medicineHerbal medicine is a must know in first aid in saving a life. There have been some major natural disasters this year so far, from the California fires to the very recent (and current) flooding in Colorado. I am originally from Colorado and over two decades ago I lived in two of the canyons that flooded and were evacuated this past week. Many of the mountain towns are stranded right now with Colorado Flooding herbal medicineno supplies coming in and no vehicle routes out. People are in self-sustainability mode that live in those towns. The good news is that most folks living in the mountain towns along the front range (at least when I used to live in those areas myself) are usually pretty well prepared. How would you fare if it were you (and maybe it is you) – especially if you or someone close to you became injured, which is a common occurrence in a major disaster? FOLLOW THE LINK TO LISTEN TO THIS SHOW AND READ MORE!

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Aug 27

Preparing your body with meals from super foods!

8-30ChefWe all know about the superfoods. Those spices and herbs that can turn you into a health beast. There are so many great foods out now and the science to back it up is stronger than ever. But the question is, what the hell do you do with a pomegranate seed or how do I incorporate that into an actual meal? What can I do with acai berries other than just pop them into my mouth? I love yogurt and all but besides scooping it with a spoon each morning what else can i do with it?

I am liberty 125 This Friday I Am Liberty at American Preppers Radio I will don my chef hat for you once again and we will put together some great meals with optimum health. We will explore things like the Allium family and how to make garlic a headliner in a meal. One clove in 4 quarts of sauce just wont do it for the blood pressure. Kale, maybe the greatest green available for consumption but for some reason people think dehydrating them and turning them into bitter salty chips is the best way to eat it them.

Physical fitness and Diet to me are step one and two for getting prepared for any disaster. All the cool gadgets and knowledge in the world will assure you zero days alive if your body can’t push on. Its not about fancy diets or omitting this, just eating that. Balance in all things is how you become a health beast. Cinnamon, honey, oats, salmon all power houses. Like I said we all have our own list but how do you combine, prepare and serve them to help your body perform when you most need it.

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May 14

Perpetuating endless wars through fearmongering!

Chris100Our neighbor to the south has it right! Chris Watson from the Great State of Maryland was broadcasting live the other night on Prepper Broadcasting. While I was surprised there was not more participation with callers, I was surprised as the show was a stellar performance for myself. Is this man a mind reader? Without saying more, below is the show description, (but expect much more) with a player to listen.

Preppers Poitin New Logo 150Join your host Chris on The Preppers Poitin Hour as he talks about wars and rumors of war. With the rhetoric toward Syria ramping, there is North Korea , Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya brewing on the back burner. The complicit media is abetting the government as they perpetuate endless wars through fearmongering, insinuation, and outright violence. As we approach Memorial Day, we will take a look at how this nation’s imperial and martial attitudes have killed so many, and to what end? Join us for the discussion. Slainte!
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Feb 08

What’s Your Plan?

Everyone immediately think of New York City when they hear the words, “New York”.  Perhaps the “New York Times” comes to mind.  It is a world city after all.  It’s like the rest of the world forgets about the rest of the state.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  I’m not really sure.  Have you had this experience:

Stranger:  “How do you like living in the city?”

You:  “I don’t live in the city.”

Stranger:  “Oh, I’m sorry!  You’re from Up State!  Is there anything up there?”

You:  “I don’t live up state.”

Stranger, now completely confused, changes the subject:  “So, how about those Jets?”

New York residents are in one of the few states where people assume you live in the world famous metropolis.  It also means they assume you can’t really plan for much of a disaster because either you don’t own a car, don’t know how to drive, or don’t have the ability to prepare or evacuate.  Those people would be mistaken.

On a trip to New York City, we were caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella.  But, what we noticed was that almost everyone didn’t miss a beat when they pulled out an umbrella.  It was like the city in unison systematically popped their umbrellas on cue.

It seemed true all over the state.  People seemed more prepared for the events they expect to happen.  Where I live, if it rains people stop and look up at the falling rain drops because they don’t believe it’s actually happening.  In other parts of the country, people run to the nearest doorway or overhang.  Some people cancel their plans because the roads are wet.

Where ever in the state you live, one thing is for sure.  You live in a megalopolis.  Your preparedness plans have to be different from those who live in the desert sixty miles from the nearest neighbor.  Let’s talk about those plans.  Maybe your ideas will help others.  Please post your comments here.


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Apr 01

APN Western New York (Buffalo) Branch Meeting

I’d like to introduce myself I’m the newly appointed Meet-Up Organizer for this area of New York. It’s a voluneer postion so please be kind. I’ve been a forum member of American Preppers Network for almost a year. It’s a great forum whether your urban or rural, new to prepping or a seasoned veteran.
Look for me I post under pelenaka and give a shout out.

I”m pleased to announce that the first APN Western New York (Buffalo) Branch Meeting will be @ Julia Boyer Reinstein Branch, 1030 Losson Road in Cheektowaga, N.Y. on April 26, Thursday – 7 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.

The Reinstein branch of the Erie Library system is located near NYS thruway exit 49 which I hope will make it easier for those preppers who are not from the greater Buffalo area. (map on the site)

Even if your not able to attend this meeting please stop by, consider joining, leave a comment. Here’s a link to our page –

~~ pelenaka ~~

Mar 26

Prepper meetup groups in New York


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New York City

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Mar 04

Migratory Routes of Displaced Northeastern Residents

by RedHorse_Ronin

The Nacirema Norte Migratory Paths-The Northern Appalachian Herds
By Redhorse_Ronin aka C. Watson

The lights have been intermittent, at best, throughout the spring and early summer with the ongoing petroleum embargoes by OPEC. These were sanctioned after British, French, and Israeli instigated military strikes, with the US military providing the primary combat and support services, upon the fledgling regimes of Libya and Egypt after fundamentalist governments, of prior western supported rebel groups, were democratically elected and began to denounce western intervention in the region. Additional strikes into Syria, at the “behest of Iraq and the Arab League” have resulted in another Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon to quell the retaliatory Syrian funded and supplied Hezbollah Katyusha rocket attacks. The British led and US backed, with EU and covert Chinese funding, offensive campaigns into Iran from Iraq and several former Soviet satellite republics have US forces struggling to meet its military commitments Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 14

Build a solid grape support and grow wonderful grapes

By Paul & Liz Stevens

Like many we wanted to produce grapes, and like many that dream seemed to always end up in disappointment, as the grapes would come on and seem to just dry up before they matured. We did the typical 4 x4 post with wire strung between them, but after the first few years when the grapes were really starting to take off the post were crooked, the wire was sagging and no matter what we did the vines always ended up touching the ground.

In touring the Amish country we began noticing one more step they use in supporting their grapes. They use the post and wire, but they take one additional step. At about 54” high they run a solid pipe through the post and drill through and bolt it at each post.
When we moved to Texas we decided to take that next step and built our new support using three post set so that we could run a 20’ 1-1/2” galvanized chain link fence top rail through the post. This meant we had to subtract 4” off each end of the 20’ so that the pole would go from end to end, with one post in the center. Before we set the post we wedged them plum and used a string level on our chalk line and snapped a line level at 54” high, then another line where we wanted the top to be. We numbered the post took each one back out and drilled strait through the center of each post on our drill press using the chalk line as our horizontal center point. We used the next size up forstner bit from the actual pole size to give a bit of wiggle room. We then drilled a series of 3/8” holes in each post space 16” apart starting at 12” from the ground. This is where we ran our wire through to attach the vines as they grow up to the main pole. We cut the post to length and set the post back into the ground. With some extra hands we went ahead and slid the pole through the tops, drilled through the end post and bolted them, after we had the end post plumb, we plumbed the center post and drilled and bolted it.

We set the post with just a little bit of concrete just to fill the post hole, plus we only needed to go down around 2’. With this system all the tension is held by the pipe at the top, so we didn’t need to attack it with a 3’ deep hole and several bags of concrete. That was our first clue that we were really going to really like this approach, a lot less work! To add a bit of fancy to the project we purchased the ball tops and screwed them into the top of each post. After the post cured we ran our wire through the holes having the pole across the top keeps the post solid, thus we were able to really stretch the wire without worry of pulling the post inward.

We started our grapes and carefully nurtured them as they grew to the top. We choose Muscadine Grapes as we know someone living in the Florida panhandle suggested them. They have much of the same climate as we do in central coastal Texas, and have tried several of the varieties from up North with no success, except for the Muscadine, with that said where you live will have a lot to do with the varieties that do well in your climate.

Well with all this work we thought we were ready to cash in on a great grape crop, nope after they started to really mature about five years ago, the same old story, they came on strong and then just shriveled up like a pea and dropped off. We have them in the irrigation system so we knew they were getting plenty of water. We did notice that we were getting a fungus on the leaves and would spray but that didn’t really help either.

As we drove through Texas we would always admire the wonderful grape vineyards and wondered just what the secret was that we were missing. As we began to look closer we noticed there were no leaves up to around 4’ from the ground. At first we thought this was just because the plants were more mature. We went home and peeled off all our leaves that were close to the ground and kept new growth from coming out at that level. We also fertilized the plants and to our surprise the fungus went away the plants filled out the grapes came on stayed and we had a great crop that year. This year will mark our 3rd year with a strong crop of grapes. Last year off four plants spreading across that 20’ section we were able to harvest enough grapes to make jelly and nearly five gallons of wine.

In total it has been eight years since we planted our grapes, the support is still as plumb and straight as the day we installed it, and it appears it will be that way for some time. We are really sold on this system, as for what made the grapes finally take off, we are not sure which has more benefit the removal of the leaves or the fertilizer but we plan to keep a good thing going. Hope this helps someone else having the same problems with their grapes.





Mar 16

First Must Have in your Dental Prep Kit

First Must Have in your Dental Prep Kit
From: roger o

Hi Everyone, in this first tip for what you should have in your dental emergency kit, I am going to tell you about a very simple yet invaluable product.

First, some language definitions; oil of cloves is the same as eugenol
cap is the same as crown

Other than routine dental hygiene and having toothpaste (whole ‘nuther topic!) and dental floss, we have to address what to do in case of dental pain, the loss of a filling or cap, or an ulceration in your mouth.

One of the oldest, yet best medications we have to solve most dental problems is oil of cloves, also known as eugenol. A quick Google search revealed many sites devoted to the benefits of oil of cloves such as

Eugenol, applied to a sore tooth, or on the gum tissue will reduce or eliminate pain within a very short time. Eugenol is highly anti-microbial, and wonderful for all kinds of infections, similar to tea tree oil. It can be somewhat irritating to sensitive gums, but can be thinned out with olive oil very effectively.

In addition, when mixed with zinc oxide powder, it can be made into a thick easily handling temporary filling material that can be placed in a tooth when a filling is lost, or inside a cap to recement it.

Eugenol is shelf stable essentially indefinately (although it will turn dark over time). It can be purchased at, as well as health food stores. Zinc oxide is also shelf stable, and can be purchased at Amazon, and many other sources.

A warning to all: Using any self applied medication is not a substitute for professional dental care. At the first sign of dental pain, swelling of problem of any kind, seek the advice and treatment of a licensed dentist.

Yours in health!


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Mar 07

New York Preppers Roll Call – All Preppers Please Check In

The American Preppers Network is conducting a network-wide roll call.  Whether you are a member or not please check in and let us know what you are doing to prepare.

This is a good opportunity to network with other preppers near you.

New York Preppers, to respond to the roll call please follow this link:

  • Reply to the Roll Call and let us know what you have been doing to prepare.

If you are not yet a member of the forum you can register here for free:

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